The Lady Mentor

When beautiful Joanna Huntington left the law firm of Petersberg, Ryan and Cole, she never dreamed the storm would force her into the path of the car driven by Vaughn Gordon, the man whom she thought she would never see again. Coming face –to- face with Vaughn at the hospital brought back memories of their first encounter when she‘d lived in Chester. How she’d boldly asked Vaughn to kiss her after she’d sensed the attraction between them was mutual. His touch made her forget any cautious teachings she’d heard and his kisses sent so much heat flowing through her that every cell in her body clamored for his full possession. But now she couldn’t face him.

Vaughn had everything he wanted, except the woman of his dreams. Joanna had been marked off limits. That was demanded of him. He agreed to back off…for a time. But then she disappeared. Now here she was lying before him possibly hurt and he was responsible.

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