Dare To Love Me

Amanda’s Reality

Amanda Lockhart knows better than to let rich and powerful, Noah Hawthorne’s show of interest overrule her senses. She is a marketing executive in his company. What does he want with her? They are from two different worlds. Nothing can come from a relationship with him, except a shattered heart and she is too grounded to let that happen.

The Gift

A bequeath from Noah’s father places Amanda at Noah’s side as co-manager of Hawthorne Clothing and Household Accessories Stores. Noah is thrilled. Amanda is shocked, though deep in her heart; she wants to manage the company. She is ready for the challenge. But would that be her only challenge?


He is as shrewd in his business dealings as he is in his private life. As owner of HC and HAS, a chain of prestigious stores, he is fiercely competitive but fair. Cross him, and you’ll live to regret it. Surrounded by beautiful women, he can pick and choose. But none tugged at his heart like Amanda. And she is determined to keep him firmly in his lane. But absurd rules and outdated traditions is not for him.