Surrender My Heart

 “Jesus Chr──!” David mutters in disbelief, while swerving to avoid hitting the dog that dashed in front of his truck and the young boy who chased after him. He hears a thump, feels it, and he prays to God it isn’t the child he’d hit. The dog he can fix. He is a veterinarian──the child is a different story.  Kneeling beside the boy and his pet, David breathes a sigh of relief. The child is all right. He turns his focus on the mother and he knew this encounter will not be his last.  Her fiery tongue leaves him with no doubt that, he is responsible for the accident and if he’d hurt her son, there’d be no place he’d be safe from her wrath. But like a moth, he is drawn to the flame.

Priscilla Bradford has one goal──to build a successful psychotherapy private practice in a short time. There is no room in her life for a relationship. She doesn’t want it. She wants no distractions and no complications. Then she runs into David Alexander, a man she cannot ignore. Despite her best effort to stay fully committed to her goal, she is drawn to him in a way she cannot explain. That did not sit well with her. Will she deny her heart or race toward her goal?

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